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Akmens Centras - Reliable partner not only by installing their own homes, but also taking care of high-quality materials creating a top-level office, garden or oasis recreational environment. We offer high-quality articles and stone slabs, which has not added durability, but also an excellent aesthetic appearance. Proposed materials and stone articles:

  • Natural stone paving yard and garden decorations | cobble;
  • Luxury Fountains in the garden of marble, limestone, sandstone and granite stone;
  • Stone facade finish: sandstone stone, tile and stone slabs of stone facades;
  • Stone flooring - solid flooring made of natural stone India;
  • Stone tile facades / terrace - floor tiles;
  • Stone columns, pylons and poles - durable construction and beauty;
  • Mosaic;
  • Inlaid;
  • Benches;
  • Flower gardens, flower pots;
  • Railing;
  • Grill;
  • Furniture;
  • Tabletops;
  • Bathroom: countertops, walls, sinks and floors of stone;
  • Natural stone fireplaces and stone fireplaces decoration;
  • Sandstone;
  • Granite;
  • Marble;
  • Slate / Quartzite;
  • Limestone;
  • Artificial stone.


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